SAP Reporting Automation

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Business Case :

Customer needs Sales reports from their SAP system on an ad hoc, weekly and monthly basis. This was a manual, time consuming and error prone task. The calculations and format for this report were fixed, however parameters may vary as per Report requirement. This made a strong case for Automation as they were using Excel and manually entering data from SAP to prepare this report.



Client :

Leading Cement Manufacturer in India

What we did

Automation using RPA

Solution :

  • We implemented a RPA bot that automated the end to end Reporting process.


  • We developed RPA solution where bot will login to SAP, enter required T-Codes and pull the sales records from the SAP system required for the Report (as per date range and parameters like Item Code, Sales Area etc). The SAP data will be saved in SQL by Bot and will run queries in SQL to create required data set after performing calculations for the reporting. Bot will move the captured data set from SQL into Excel as per pre defined report format


  • Bot will send an email to the customer with the attached reports. Bot is scheduled to run on it’s own for Weekly and Monthly Reports. For ad hoc reports customer can get the required reports on a single click, after changing the date range and respective report parameters


  • 100% Automation
  • Automated Reporting
  • 100% Accuracy
  • Time Saving
  • Better Employee experience
  • Faster execution

Technologies used