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Customer Experience Differentiate us 

The way we use technology is constantly evolving to meet changing customer expectations. 

Stackmint is an IT Services company that is helping its customers  to stay competitive in the market. With changing Customer expectations companies are constantly looking for ways on how they can improve their services and offerings. 


As, Technology has become an integral part of doing business, Stackmint offers services that cater effectively towards customer expectations, by using the power of digital technology. 


We have come a long way since our humble beginnings 7 years ago. We started out with just one room and three employees, but we quickly grew into a company that could provide technological solutions for any business. We’ve had plenty of experiences that helped us evolve during this roller coaster ride!

Our Mission

Consistently improve our competitiveness and generate profitable growth through innovating and implementing software products and services. We are a company that strives to be known as the go-to for customer service and innovative technology.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the company that can be trusted for Information Technology needs. We will always put our customers first and will always provide unparalleled service and innovative solutions for them.

Core Values