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Business Case :

Client manages and takes backup of their servers at regular intervals. Their NOC Team monitors and manages all the incoming Alerts using two portals, one for managing alerts and second ITSM Portal for creating tickets that requires action. NOC Engineers continuously checks for the new alerts, 24/7, and take appropriate actions like annotating alerts, creating Tickets as per defined process, closing alerts.



Client :

A leading Data Centre in Qatar

What we did

NOC Automation using RPA

Solution :

  • We developed the RPA solution using two bots Dispatcher and Performer and a SQL DB.
  • All alerts are sorted on Priority with first in first processed basis, which Bots maintain in a database.
  • Dispatcher Bot continuously check for new alerts on the portal and owns all the alerts on the priority basis and send the alert information to the database.
  • Dispatcher Bot then checks if they are from servers that are already in Maintenance or Ignorable list. In any of this situation Dispatcher Bot itself annotates them and change the status, as no action is required.

  • In case the alerts need human intervention, and ticket is to be created it passes the alert to the Performer bot, that create Tickets from ITSM portal and assign to the respective groups/people
  • Performer bot also checks for if an alert is Duplicate or a Bulk alert by doing validation against information available in DB and updates the status accordingly in the database. It also annotates status for such alerts
  • Bot also sends Report with all actions taken on all the respective alerts.


  • 100% Automation
  • Better Incident Management
  • Faster action on Alerts
  • Better Employee experience
  • Time Saving
  • Reduction in Costs

Technologies used