Logistics Report Automation – SAP and RPA

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Business Case :

Customer needs a daily Logistics Dispatch Report to calculate the delay in shipping of active orders, by subtracting the Order date from today’s date. Also, they rename the Packaging size details using the predefined conditions. These operations are performed manually by referring to the files they gets from their SAP system and preparing the report in excel. This was a manual, time consuming and error prone process which they want to automate.



Client :

A Leading Cement manufacturer

What we did

SAP Reports Automation using RPA

Solution :

We automated the Dispatch Report Creation process through RPA, using Automation Anywhere tool, where bot logs into the SAP system, pull all the active orders records by entering the required details into the SAP and perform calculations.

Bot prepares the report by calculating the difference between Today’s date and Order date. The delay in fulfillment of Order is added into the new column named as Delay. Bot also rename the Packaging Size details according to the given predefined conditions by the customer.

After preparing the report, Bot emails the daily Report to the concerned employees.


  • 100% Automation
  • Better Incident Management
  • Faster action on Alerts
  • Better Employee experience
  • Time Saving
  • Reduction in Costs

Technologies used