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Business Case :

Customer developed a chatbot to answer user queries regarding status of shipped package to end customers. Customer wanted to automate this process using RPA. They wanted Chatbot to pass the Tracking number to RPA Bot and RPA Bot to access their database through a Web Portal and give the status back to chatbot, that can be shared with end user.



Client :

Renowned IT company that develops Chatbots

What we did

Integration and Automation using RPA

Solution :

We developed the RPA bot that accesses the Web Portal, post login fetches the status and gives the status back to Chatbot. We integrated the RPA bot with chatbot using Oracle Integration with the help of Orchestrator. We created a trigger to execute the RPA bot automatically as soon as there was a request from a Chatbot with Tracking Number, using Queues.



  • Better Customer experience
  • Reduced business costs
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Fast response to customer

Technologies used