Autowell Industries: manufacturing of automotive and industrial Gaskets since 1987.


The company’s management and team agreed that the website was outdated and did a poor job reflecting their capabilities. Our research into audience personas confirmed what the people at Autowell were experiencing. Their target market overwhelmingly said that Autowell Industries could do so much more than was represented on their website. All audience segments wanted to see more about manufacturing capabilities and experience.

Autowell needed a website that could be a part of their sales toolkit, not just a simple redesign. a website that would advertise their products and highlight their strengths.




Autowell Industries has been into manufacturing of automotive and industrial Gaskets since 1987

What we did


Website design

Brochure Design

Solution by Stackmint

Through both design and content, the new website clearly illustrates that Autowell can work with companies through the entire manufacturing process from design to manufacturing. 

  • The menu highlights the process in a different way than the other menu items. 
  • The home page walks the user through the company’s expertise, products and story.
  • Product page with all product categories follows a similar design and content format with calls to action leading to the next step in the process.
  • Modern design style with bold colors and shapes 
  • ​​Pulling it all together for a modern approach on any size device

Logo Creation

Old Logo

New  Logo


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